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Ready to commission your very own costume from SpiritPanda!?

Congratulations! There’s just a few things you need to know to begin the commission process.


Get a Quote - Currently Patreon Only, Public Open June 1st

Quotes show the exact cost of your project and are $10.00 USD each.

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a quote.


A Google Form is used for quote applications and that is when you will be able to give the details of your project such as: fullsuit, partial, digitigrade, plantigrade, fur colors, magnetic features, etc. Quote requests will not be answered through email or social media.


A valid quote is required in order to apply for a commission slot. Quotes are given before a commission opening and they are usually open for 1 full week.


Applying for and receiving a quote does not guarantee a commission slot. Commissions are not first come, first served. Please keep in mind that I only take 1-3 projects per commission opening. You may have to apply multiple times to get a spot. Quotes are valid for TWO commission openings after the quote is received. If a quote expires, it must be updated to be used to apply for a commission. Quote updates are free, but SpiritPanda Costumes will need to be contacted for the update.

If you are looking for general pricing, please visit the Price Guide

Reference Sheets

Your reference should include:

  • Full character on 2 legs, front and back views (side views are great too, but not required).

  • High resolution, clear, digital images only.

  • SAFE FOR WORK ONLY, any ‘Not Safe For Work’ reference sheets sent will be ignored. No genitalia should be visible on the reference sheet. If you only have a NSFW reference sheet, please completely cover genitalia before submitting a quote form.

  • All markings should be shown very clearly and they should be EXACTLY how you want them to look on your suit. I count every spot and stripe on a character to make my prices. If your reference sheet shows 100+ spots on the character, I will price a suit for 100+ spots.

  • I will not take text descriptions of characters, please make sure your reference sheet is up to date and accurate.

  • No shading, flat color only. This helps me make sure colors are as accurate as possible.

  • No gradients on fur. Please have solid and clear divides between fur colors. 

  • Please do not say "this design can be simplified". If you wish for your design to be simplified, commission a new reference sheet showing that design. I will not simplify designs. I suck at 2D art, haha. Please have someone good at 2D art make a new reference sheet. ^_-

  • Absolutely NO AI generated reference sheets or images will be accepted.

Here are some great artists you can commission for reference sheets:

You’ve Been Chosen!

Congratulations! I’ve decided that I would like to bring your project to life!

What now?



The first thing I’ll need is an image of a government issued ID showing your legal name, date of birth and photo. 

Once that is received, I will send over a project contract that is to be signed by SpiritPanda Costumes (myself) and the client using their legal name. Then an invoice for the full payment will be sent via Square Invoices (or PayPal for customers outside of the US). Full payment must be made within 72 hours of your acceptance. If it is not received within that time, I may cancel your acceptance and choose another project.


Once your costume has been paid in full, you will be officially added to my queue!


Shipping price will be calculated AFTER a project is complete. I require the shipping to be paid in full before a project is shipped. 

**Fullsuits usually cost $150-$200.00 USD to ship via UPS. I require that all shipments be fully insured, tracked and signed for. International shipping can be much more expensive (can be upwards of $600-$1000.00 USD including import fees).

International customers are fully responsible for their country’s customs and/or import fees. SpiritPanda Costumes will NOT lie on Customs Forms.

Duct Tape Dummy and Measurements:

If you have commissioned a bodysuit from me, I cannot start construction until a proper duct tape dummy is received. This is a crucial element in ensuring your costume fits correctly!

I will NOT make bodysuits without a well constructed duct tape dummy.

Materials Needed:

- full body painters suit or large trash bags

- paper towel or plastic bags for feet/wrists (do NOT use saran/cling/plastic wrap)

- cheaper duct tape like 3M Brand for first layer

- strong industrial duct tape like Gorilla Tape for second and third layers



Please refer to this duct tape dummy tutorial by Beetlecat Originals when making your DTD.

Also check out for more great DTD tips. 

***One major difference I would like - stand with your arms in a relaxed A pose instead of a T pose. Make sure your shoulders are completely relaxed.

Tape as close to the skin in your armpit as possible. You may lift your arm up to tape the armpit and then put your arm back in the A pose to tape the rest of the arm.

Tape up to the bottoms of your hands/top of your wrists. You can tape up to the thumb if you'd like.


Tape as close to your neck as possible. You can even tape up the neck about an inch if you'd like.

Tape up at least 1 foot. Your toes do not have to be included, but tape up the entire heel, ankle and half of the foot.


Tape the foot while it is flat on the ground and angled how you would normally stand. If your foot normally points out a bit while you're standing normally, please make sure you tape it that way. The foot must be attached to the leg of the full duct tape dummy, please do not send a foot separately.


Tape your DTD back up almost completely before shipping it, but leave about 12 inches of the top middle seam of the DTD open. This will make stuffing easier for me! You can also not tape up the zipper on the painter's suit. That works just as well!

When taping your DTD back up, please use multiple layers of tape and use big pieces. Those areas are most likely to pop open when the DTD is stuffed and that can ruin the fit of your suit. If you're feeling crafty, you can tape along the insides of the seams too. This will make them extra strong!


Write your preferred name and character name on the front of your DTD.


For bodysuits, I’ll need the following measurements:

  • Inseam (to the floor)

  • Outseam (to the floor)

  • Sleeve Length (bottom of your hand/top of your wrist, relax your arm at your side)

  • Height (to the floor)


For heads, I’ll need:

  • A: Head circumference


For handpaws, I'll need:

- Hand circumference from widest point

- Length from tip of middle finger to bottom of hand/top of wrist

- Wrist circumference

I may also ask for a hand tracing.


If you are commissioning feetpaws and want them built around shoes, I require NEW slip-on shoes to be shipped to me with the DTD. I will not provide shoes.

You will not have access to your shoes with digi feetpaws. Choose shoes with very sturdy tops that can be slipped on easily. Crocs and Slip-On Sketchers are a very popular choices.

You will have access to your shoes with planti feetpaws.


There will be an additional fee if I have to tape up your DTD other than the top part of the middle seam.

I have the right to request a completely new DTD if the one I receive does not follow my requirements. Read everything carefully.


Everything is in place and it’s your spot in our the real fun beings!


Material Choices - 

I’ll discuss fur and other fabric options with you. Keep in mind that not all colors, fur lengths and styles are available. I’ll do my best to find the right materials for your project and keep the colors as close to the reference provided as possible. If a certain fur type is very rare or does not exist, I’ll alert you of this (usually during the quote process) and I’ll help you choose an alternative.


I’ll not accept fabrics or materials from clients unless I cannot buy it elsewhere. Otherwise, all materials must be purchased by me.


Work in Progress - 

I’ll send photos as I make progress. Please do not expect pictures every day. I’ll try to send them as often as I can! Sending pictures through Telegram is preferred, but I can also send them via email. You will be welcome to join my Patreon/Current Client Telegram chat during your time on my queue to watch the progress of other projects too.

The Wait is Over!

Once your costume is completed, I’ll send detailed photos and possibly videos for your approval. 

I’ll also send an invoice for the shipping cost. Once shipping has been paid, your new costume will be sent on its way!

Costumes usually ship via USPS or UPS. I’ll always ship packages fully insured and with tracking - no exceptions.


When your costume arrives, please check it over and notify me of any problems ASAP.


Then ENJOY! :D

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