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Ready to commission your very own costume from SpiritPanda!?

Congratulations! There’s just a few things you need to know to begin the commission process.


Get a Quote!

Quotes are the exact cost of your project and are only open to those who plan on applying for a commission slot during the next commission opening. Quotes are $10.00 USD. If your project is chosen, the quote fee will be deducted from the cost of the project.

**You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a quote.**


I will open a Google Form for quote applications and that is when you will be able to give me the details of your project such as: fullsuit, partial, fur colors, magnetic features, etc.


I generally favor applicants who can pay for their project in full, but may accept short payment plans from time to time. I usually only accept 2-4 month long payment plans. This is due to my fast turnaround times and short queue.


Submitting a quote does not guarantee a commission slot. When I’m officially open for commissions (not just quotes), I’ll leave the quote form open for 1 week and choose my candidates based on what projects suit me best. Commissions are not first come, first served. Please keep in mind that I only take 2-3 projects per commission opening. You may have to apply more than once to get a spot.

Not ready to commission, but would like a general price for your project? The Price Guide on the website here is VERY detailed and can give you a good estimate of cost. I also open for Price Estimates sometimes if I have extra time. These are free and are very quick and simple estimates. If you choose to apply for a commission in the future after receiving a Price Estimate, you will have to reapply for a Quote.

Reference Sheets

Your reference should include:

  • Front and back views of your character (side views are great too, but not required)

  • SAFE FOR WORK ONLY, any ‘Not Safe For Work’ reference sheets sent will be ignored. Simply put, no genitalia should be visible on the reference sheet.

  • All markings should be shown very clearly and they should be EXACTLY how you want them to look on your suit. I count every spot and stripe on a character to make my prices. If your reference sheet shows 100+ spots on the character, I will price a suit for 100+ spots.

  • I will not take text descriptions of characters, please make sure your reference sheet is up to date and accurate.

  • No shading, flat color only. This helps me make sure colors are as accurate as possible.

Here are some great artists you can commission for reference sheets:

You’ve Been Chosen!

Congratulations! I’ve decided that I would like to bring your project to life!

What now?



The first thing I’ll need is a 30% non-refundable retainer fee (via Square Invoices) to hold your spot on my queue. I require this payment to be made within 72 hours of your acceptance. If it is not received within that time, I may drop your acceptance and choose another project.


After the retainer fee is received, you will have 1 week to pay the remaining balance in full or your previously discussed payment plan will begin. If you need a payment plan, this will be discussed during the quoting process. 


Once your costume has been paid in full, you will be officially added to my queue!


Shipping price will be calculated AFTER a project is complete. I require the shipping to be paid in full before a project is shipped. 

** Fullsuits usually cost between $180.00+ USD to ship via USPS. I require that all shipments be fully insured and tracked. International shipping can be much more expensive.

International customers are fully responsible for their country’s customs and/or import fees. SpiritPanda Costumes will NOT lie on Customs Forms.

Duct Tape Dummy and Measurements:

If you have commissioned a bodysuit from me, I cannot start construction until a proper duct tape dummy is received. This is a crucial element in ensuring your costume fits correctly!

I will NOT make bodysuits without a well constructed duct tape dummy.


Please refer to this duct tape dummy tutorial by Beetlecat Originals when making your DTD.

Also check out for more great DTD tips. 


I require that at least one of your feet be taped up. Your toes do not have to be included, but please tape up the heel and ankle. The foot must be attached to the leg of the full duct tape dummy, please do not send a foot separately.

Tape your DTD back up completely before shipping it to me.


Write your name and character name on the front of your DTD.


For bodysuits, I’ll need the following measurements:

  • Inseam

  • Outseam

  • Sleeve Length

  • Height


For heads, I’ll need:

  • A: Head circumference

  • B: Back of neck to front of chin

  • C: Top back of head to front of chin


For handpaws, I'll need:

- Hand circumference from widest point

- Length from tip of middle finger to bottom of wrist

I may also ask for a hand tracing.


If you are commissioning feetpaws and want them built around shoes, I require NEW slip-on shoes to be shipped to me. I’ll not provide shoes.


**There will be an additional fee if I have to tape up your DTD.

**I have the right to request a completely new DTD if the one I receive does not follow my requirements. Read everything carefully.


Everything is in place and it’s your spot in our the real fun beings!


Material Choices - 

I’ll discuss fur and other fabric options with you. Keep in mind that not all colors, fur lengths and styles are available. I’ll do my best to find the right materials for your project and keep the colors as close to the reference provided as possible. If a certain fur type is very rare or does not exist, I’ll alert you of this (usually during the quote process) and I’ll help you choose an alternative.


I’ll not accept fabrics or materials from clients unless I cannot buy it elsewhere. Otherwise, all materials must be purchased by me.


Work in Progress - 

I’ll send photos as I make progress. Please do not expect pictures every day. I’ll try to send them as often as I can! Sending pictures through Telegram is preferred, but I can also send them via email. You will be welcome to join my Patreon/Current Client Telegram chat during your time on my queue to watch the progress of other projects too.

The Wait is Over!

Once your costume is completed, I’ll send detailed photos and videos for your approval. 

I’ll also send an invoice for the shipping cost. Once shipping has been paid, your new costume will be sent on its way!

Costumes usually ship via USPS. I’ll always ship packages fully insured and with tracking - no exceptions.


When your costume arrives, please check it over and notify me of any problems ASAP.


Then ENJOY! :D

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