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Frequently Asked Questions


- Can I come to your studio to visit/try on/pick up my suit?

I work in a private studio that is closed to the public. I don’t allow visitors, sorry!

- Where are you located?

I’m in the United States.

- Are you hiring or taking interns?

I’m not in a position to do that currently.

- Do you offer discounts of any kind?

I don’t, sorry!

- Do you accept trades?

I don’t, sorry!

- What is a quote?

Quotes: I charge $10 USD for these and they are the exact cost of a project.

These are open right before commissions open. 

You can also get a quote at any time by joining the $10 tier on my Patreon!

- I’m not 18, can I still commission SpiritPanda Costumes through a parent or guardian?

No, sorry! I am only taking projects through clients who are 18 years of age or older.

- I’m not 18, can I still get a quote?

Quotes take me a very long time to go through, so I’m only taking them for those who are old enough to commission me. Also, prices can change at any time, so it is best to buy a quote closer to when you're able to apply for a commission. If you’d still like to get a general idea of prices, please visit my Price Guide!

- Do you use REAL fur on your costumes?

Nope, never have and never will. All fabrics used on costumes are synthetic. 

- Where do you buy your fur?

Mostly from Big Z Fabric, Fursuit Supplies and Howl Fabric.

- How do you make fursuits?

I use a large variety of methods. If you’d like to see my Work In Progress pictures, feel free to join my Patreon!

- Can I repost pictures/art from this website?

No. Even if the image or art is properly credited, please do not repost anything on this website.

- Do you build Protogens or similar species?

No, I don’t – even if the electronics are provided. They’re not species I wish to make.


- Do you work with animatronics or many LEDs?

No, sorry! I’ll put LEDs in 3D eyes and I’ll add removeable fans to fursuit heads, but that’s all I’ll do – even if the electronics are done by someone else.


- Do you work with other makers’ parts?

I work with Manokit parts from DreamVisionCreations, but those are the only parts from other makers I will work with. I wish to have everything else made by me.


- I want a “insert copyrighted character here” costume! Will you make that?

No, I don’t take commissions for copyrighted characters. I only take commissions for fursuits of original characters, no cosplays.

- Do you take refurbish commissions?

I will only offer refurbishments on my own suits.


- Do you make realistic or semi-realistic suits?

I only make toony style suits shown in my Gallery.


- Do you make NSFW (Not Safe For Work) suits?

I don’t, no. But once a suit leaves my hands, the owner can do what they wish with their suit. Making modifications within the Warranty Period will void the warranty. If you choose do to NSFW activities in your suit, please don’t tag any of my social media accounts in your posts. Again, I don’t mind what owners do with their suits, but I volunteer for an organization that works with children and I’d like my tags to remain completely SFW.


- When are you opening for commissions next?

Keep an eye on the Home page for commission date updates.


Fursuit Heads –

- Are the insides of your heads lined?

All exposed foam on the inside of my fursuit heads is covered with a fabric called athletic techno neoprene. It’s a smooth, cool and comfortable fabric made to dry quickly. It’s NOT the same material that scuba suits are made from.


- Do you take moving jaw commissions?

I don’t, no. All of my commissions will receive static jaws. I may take moving jaw commissions through Auctions.


- Do you work with resin or 3D printed bases?

I don’t. All of my head bases are carved out of foam by me except for Manokit foam bases. Manokit bases are expanding foam and are made by DreamVisionCreations.


- I want a specific feature on my fursuit head, but I don’t see it listed in your Price Guide. Will you do it?

It doesn’t hurt to ask! If it’s something I’ve never done before, I likely won’t do it as I don’t like trying super new things on commissions. I like practicing new techniques on personal projects first.


- What is a ‘pickable nose’?

It’s when the nostrils on the nose are open so that air can flow out of the muzzle and into the muzzle through them.


Bodysuits –

- How is your digitigrade padding made?

I make pillows that are stuffed with polyfil. They are permanently attached to the bodysuit, but have zippers on them so that polyfil can be removed.


- Do you offer hollow foam digi padding?

I don’t, no.


- If I only want the butt/thighs of my suit padded, would it be cheaper than a full digitigrade suit?

No, it would be priced as a digitigrade fursuit.

- Can I still commission a project with a bodysuit without a duct tape dummy (DTD)?

No, sorry. A DTD that follows all of my instructions is required for bodysuits. I cannot work from measurements only.


Duct Tape Dummies –

- I’m unable to make a DTD, can I still commission you for a bodysuit?

Unfortunately, no. I need a very well-made DTD to make bodysuits and cannot make one with measurements alone.


- Can I make my DTD in 2 parts? Legs and upper body?

No, I need the DTD to be made in one, continuous piece or we run the risk of the bodysuit not fitting.


- What if I commission you and then find out I cannot make a DTD?

We can then discuss options. We could change the commission to a partial or we could cancel the commission and refund.



Handpaws –

- Do you fully line handpaws?

I don’t line handpaws. Handpaws with puffy fingers have removeable polyfil pillows made from super smooth athletic neoprene fabric. I also recommend my suiters to wear lycra gloves with their handpaws to help keep sweat and dirt out of the paws themselves.


- Do you use resin claws or silicone pawpads?

No, every part of my handpaws is made from fabric.


- Can you attach handpaws to bodysuits?

Yes, I can! I can make them removeable with zippers or permanently attach them. Wrist escapes are added as well.


Feetpaws –

- Are magnetic feetpaws heavy?

They’re definitely heavier than normal feetpaws. There’s extra layers of foam, plastic parts, magnets etc. If you want lightweight feet, you’ll want feet with permanent fabric bottoms.


- How many different feet bottom types do you offer?

I offer 2 types of indoor fabric bottoms:

   - Flat pawpads

   - Large 3D foam pawpads

And 2 types of outdoor bottoms:

  - full shoe soling rubber bottoms

  - shoe soling rubber pawpads + foam bottom (lighter weight than full rubber)


- Do you need shoes for feetpaws?

I prefer to work with shoes as they provide a lot of stability – especially for heavy feet with magnetic bottoms. I will work without shoes on feet if requested, but keep in mind – my indoor feetpaws are NOT sockpaws or slippers. I still use foam on the bottoms. Feet are fully lined on the inside.


- What kind of shoes will I need?

Good quality slip-on shoes are VERY important!!

You want:

  • Shoes that are very comfortable to walk in for long periods of time.

  • Shoes with STURDY ankles that do not collapse when you put them on without hands (you will NOT have easy access to your shoes on digi suits).

  • They CANNOT have laces.

  • Crocs work great!


- What if I don’t want my feetpaws attached to my digitigrade bodysuit with zippers?

That’s the only method I offer for digi bodies, sorry! Feetpaws for plantigrade bodies are not attached unless requested.

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