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Meet the human behind the costumes -

Hello! My name is Sammy and I run SpiritPanda Costumes in the United States. I’ve been creating costumes since 2009. I started by making creature cosplay costumes competitively, found the furry fandom while learning construction techniques and added fursuits to the mix.

I've been running SpiritPanda Costumes fulltime since October 2018.

I'm also a member of The League of Enchantment here in Michigan.

I volunteer at events with them throughout the year with my 2 fursuits, Bamboo and Tidalwave. They're a super cool organization who works very hard to bring smiles to those who need them. 

My Cosplay Journey

Panda-kun - Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe)

Built: 2015

Competition: Colossalcon 2015

Prizes: None

Panda was officially my first costume! This costume went through 3 versions and ended with the one pictured. He was built around a Crystumes resin Giant Panda base, but everything else was made by me. His little cheeks light up with LEDs. So cute!


Mega Charizard X - Pokemon

Built: 2016

Competition: Youmacon 2016

Prizes: 2nd Place in Master Division

I went super ambitious with my second costume and I don't regret it. Even though this was only my second competition, I was bumped up to the Master Division and took home 2nd place! He had a moving jaw, flickering blue LEDs in the flames and even a voice box. I'd love to remake the suit someday.

Tracey's Scyther - Pokemon: Adventure in the Orange Islands

Built: 2017

Competition: Youmacon 2017

Prizes: 2nd Place in Master Division

I wanted my next cosplay to be a bit more mobile, so I went with Scyther. He had a sensitive moving jaw, a voice box and was made with hollow foam pods. I was able to run around the convention spaces much easier than with Charizard and took home 2nd place again!


Champion Revali - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Built: 2018

Competition: Youmacon 2018

Prizes: 1st Place in Master Division

Revali was my 'make it or break it' costume. I had planned on running SpiritPanda Costumes fulltime if I could finally snag 1st place in the Master Division at Youmacon - and I did!! Revali had a moving jaw, 3D following eyes, finger feathers that could move with my fingers and a ton of detail. He took me an entire year to complete. He was such a fun build and I've planned on remaking him for awhile now.

Meet My Characters


Bamboo and Spirit (Panda)

Bamboo the Dutch Angel Dragon and Spirit the giant panda ghost are SpiritPanda Costumes's mascots. 

Bamboo was my very first character and my first fursuit. You'll see her fursuit at events I attend: conventions and League of Enchantment events.

Bamboo the Saber

This version of Bamboo is my main character. She's technically a saber cat/giant panda/dragon hybrid. She's my avatar for interacting with folks in the furry fandom. All of her personality traits are the same as mine and she changes as I do. 


Tidalwave the Manokit

Tidalwave is my Manokit character. I'm an Admin for the Manokit species, so I needed a 'Kit of my own.

He is my second full digi fursuit and will be seen at events.

He's a Beach Dweller/Tribal hybrid which means he has the magic abilities of a Beach Dweller, but is much more stable on land than pure Beach Dweller 'kits. He's a confident, masculine guy who loves the 90's and boy bands. His tribe has hooks with blue gems in their tails. He is brothers with Eventide and Achilles (RIP).

Penelope (Penni) the Pomeranian

Penni has a partial fursuit made by my friend, SereStudios!

She is a girly girl and loves to have a good time. Her favorite thing is getting to wear cute outfits and show them off. You'll always find her fur covered in glitter.

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