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Black/White Digitigrade Bodysuit



Before going any farther, read my TOS: HERE.


You must be 18 years or older in order to buy this item. 

A government issued ID will be required to prove age and legal name connected to the payment.



The suit has been thoroughly washed, but it may still be exposed to animals before getting packed up.


An auction will take place on Telegram HERE.

Start Time: 3/12/2024, 12pm (noon) EST

End Time: 3/15/2024, 8pm EST

Starting bid will be $1000.00 USD.

Please bid in increments of $50.00 USD.

You may contact me via email ( with your max price and I will bid anonymously on your behalf.

Bodysuit Features:

  • Sewn in pillow padding w/zippers to remove polyfil

  • Custom printed athletic techno neoprene digi padding pillows

    • pillows cover the front of the legs, wrap around the thighs and cover the butt​

  • Zipper attached feetpaws

  • Feetpaws built on US women’s 9/10 slip-on shoes

  • Feetpaws w/swappable velcro soles

    • x1 full rubber soling set

    • x1 blank set

  • Magnetic wing attachments (wings not included, bases only)

  • Magnetic tail attachment (tail not included, tail base only)

  • Everything needed to wear future wings/tail as a partial suit

These are NOT included:

- fursuit head

- handpaws

- wings

- tail

Furs Used:

White and Black Flokati (Unknown Source)

White and Black Mink/Luxury Teddy (, Howl Fabric sometimes carries it)

White Beaver/Seal (Howl Fabric)

Black Beaver/Seal (Unknown Source)

The suit comes as-is. I don’t have time to make changes or make new/extra parts for it.

This body was made as a personal suit back in early 2020. The seams are double stitched and everything is well made.

It’s a great bodysuit, but I’m making a new slimmer digisuit because I’m old now haha

The white fur on the body was very recently swapped out so everything is nice and bright. The white fur on the toes is older and there is some staining on that fur.

The new owner does not have to change the design of the body, but the new owner must agree to not make new parts that mimic Bamboo the Dutch Angel Dragon. The new character must not be related to Bamboo the Dutch Angel Dragon in any way (no sibling characters and such).


***The velcro feetpaw soles were my first time making them. They are made well BUT I used way more velcro than needed on the base of the feet and on the rubber soles. They may be very difficult to swap out lol Hopefully things will break in a little over time, but until then, it’ll take some elbow grease to swap soles haha

The velcro is STRONG.


Made for someone about 5ft 5in tall and sbout 135-140 lbs.

There’s not much wiggle room in the arms, shoulders and torso, but stuffing can be added or removed in the butt/legs.

My measurements:

Bicep circumference – 10 inches

Bust – 36 inches

Stomach – 31 inches

Click to enlarge images.

Read before bidding:

  • Payment in full must be made in full within 72 hours of the sale. Failure to pay within that time period will result in the sale being cancelled.

  • The buyer must provide an image of a legal, government issued ID showing the legal name associated with the payment method and birth date (all other info may be blacked out).

  • I will ship worldwide. Shipping will be an ADDITIONAL charge. Shipping must be paid in full before the costume is shipped. Shipping for a digitigrade fursuit within the USA is usually around $150-200.00 USD with full insurance and tracking. It may be more or less depending on your location and the weight of the suit. Customs fees and/or import tariffs may be an additional cost for international customers.

  • Payments will be taken via Square Invoices. International payments can be taken via PayPal. Currency conversion fees may apply if you are not paying in USD.

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